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13 ways to establish yourself as an expert

Ian Martin

Why does anyone listen to anyone else?

What makes you listen to what someone has to say? What makes you listen to me now? Someone you have never met before. Words perhaps? Entertaining words, intriguing words, or words that tell a story encouraging you to read on.

The right words will get people to listen. But if you want to convert a reader into a customer who will buy your product or service, you'll almost certainly need more than just a delightful story.

You need to come across as a credible expert in your field.

Here's twelve ways to establish your authority as an expert:

  1. Write with confidence
  2. Quantify your experience (odd numbers seem to work best e.g. 5, 17, 57)
  3. Specify numbers of names of clients (specificity = believability)
  4. List any awards you have won
  5. Have you written and published a book?
  6. Recount your international experiences
  7. Celebrity by association: spoken alongside
  8. Client name dropping: bigger is better
  9. Testimonials and reviews
  10. As seen on … radio, TV, magazine, podcast interviews
  11. Website featuring big brand name logos
  12. Your proprietary formula
  13. Your “before and after” story

But don't be aloof

Make sure you come across as experienced and knowledgeable but don't be aloof. You must identify with your reader. So relate to her. Tell him:

1. You were just like her (with your before and after story)

2. These clients of yours were just like him (with your clients before and after story)